Rules of Engagement for Zelig Kopel

... for the purpose of increasing the quality of our interactions.
    It's all there! Black and white, clear as crystal! - Willy Wonka
Revision 1.2 (8/16/2018)


This is a reference to the rules by which I operate socially and otherwise. The main purpose is to enhance communication and interaction with others.

Section 1: Communication

Crocker's Rules

I have declared Crocker's Rules. You are invited to speak your mind to me without bothering with politeness or convention. Further details in the quote:

Declaring yourself to be operating by Crocker's Rules means that other people are allowed to optimize their messages for information, not for being nice to you. Crocker's Rules means that you have accepted full responsibility for the operation of your own mind - if you're offended, it's your fault. Anyone is allowed to call you a moron and claim to be doing you a favor. (Which, in point of fact, they would be. One of the big problems with this culture is that everyone's afraid to tell you you're wrong, or they think they have to dance around it.) Two people using Crocker's Rules should be able to communicate all relevant information in the minimum amount of time, without paraphrasing or social formatting. Obviously, don't declare yourself to be operating by Crocker's Rules unless you have that kind of mental discipline.

Note that Crocker's Rules does not mean you can insult people; it means that other people don't have to worry about whether they are insulting you. Crocker's Rules are a discipline, not a privilege. Furthermore, taking advantage of Crocker's Rules does not imply reciprocity. How could it? Crocker's Rules are something you do for yourself, to maximize information received - not something you grit your teeth over and do as a favor.

You are encouraged to reference Crocker's Rules before use, but it's not required.

New Day Policy

For me, each day is a new beginning. I hold no grudges and harbor no enemies. It is safe to assume I have reset myself after one sleep cycle.


If I send the message 'ping', the content/nature of the communication depends on the timeframe in which you respond. The traditional response is 'pong'. All hackers know this protocol, and now you do too!

Real-time Communication

For real-time communication, I prefer Telegram and Signal, as they're both private and secure. (find me @ +1 713-261-0730). Alternatively, I can be reached via Facebook, SMS, and telephone.

Section 2: Social

  1. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTP, and we're known for playing devil's advocate. I'll argue tirelessly for something I don’t actually believe in, simply for the sake of argument or determining the validity of a position. This becomes most apparent online, where groupthink rules and SJWs police opinion. When I throw in that monkey wrench, remember being forewarned... not to take me too seriously.
  2. Being mindful of one's actions and being a decent human being are important to me. I expect both out of those closest to me.
  3. I practice social inclusivity. Those in my social circles are welcome to freely associate, granted they are mindful and respectful of current conditions and dynamics.
  4. I don't always exist in words. By this I mean my cognitive world isn't constructed in English, but primarily of thoughtforms consisting of emotions, abstract concepts, content of all sorts, colors, memories, associations... but not so much words. Sometimes I have trouble articulating myself adequately... especially on the fly. Keep that in mind, and cut me some slack.
  5. Occasionally, I geek out, so if you can't go with it, humor me. I will get back on track.
  6. I have developed my own set of values, beliefs, and moral truths. From this, I exercise my own judgment, rather than yours. If this is an issue for you, it's just that... an issue for you.
  7. NAME PRONUNCIATION: Zelig is pronounced however you'd like... there's no set way, and even Bob is fine. I can often tell how someone knows me by their pronunciation, which I like.

Section 3: Love Life

I consider myself polyamorous, preferring the primary/secondary model. I aim to develop a single primary life-long relationship, but am uncomfortable with artificially limiting social interactions for reasons of inadequate trust, personal insecurity, or long-standing social conventions. I am opposite of the infatuation corner on the love triangle. Though superficial attraction may prevail at first, cognitive resonance is ultimately more important to me.

For reasons I've yet to understand, I've never been the advancer of relationships, and for this reason, subtlety and passiveness aren't your ally with me. I also find it difficult to read interest and advancements. So, if you ever feel a need for clarification or direct inquiry, at any time, feel free to invoke Crocker's Rules. I appreciate and welcome frankness.

Recently, I've witnessed heated public debate regarding consent. For purposes of clarity regarding myself, no means no, maybe means maybe, yes means yes, and silence means whatever you'd like it to mean.