The transmission in my 2004 Honda Civic EX went bad at about 74,000 miles with two months left on its warranty. Honda replaced it at no cost. They added an in-line filter to the transmission cooler line that had not been there before. I can't find any mention of it online and assume this was an internal Honda thing.

I found a bunch of Fluke 8024B that had issues on the 2A range. The readings were off and unstable. To resolve the problem I had to clean the internal cable connections between the two PC boards. I used an eraser to clean up the PCB connection site and alcohol to clean both the cable and the PCBs connections. The problem was resolved.

I was told by United Airlnes that I needed a certificate of health and proof of rabies vaccination in order to take my cat from Houston, TX through Chicago, IL to Moline, IL. However, after talking to the actual security personnel I discovered I did not need anything. Just bring the cat in a carry-on carrier.

Airlines offer discounted tickets if you are flying back for someones death... or if someone is going to die. You have to call their reservations department to get the tickets.

I am looking for the person who made Sophie's City and Night webpage in the 90s. If you have that persons contact information I will offer you some money in exchange!